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Glossary of Terms

SBC – Session Border Controller

ISP – Internet Service Provider

FW – Firewall

PSTN – Public Switched Telephone Network

SDN/cloud – Software-define networking. This enables portability and programmability of the network infrastructure.

DNS NAPTR – Domain Name Service NAPTR is a type of Domain Name Record meaning Name Authority Pointer

DNS SRV – Domain Name Service – Service Record

RTP – Real Time Protocol

HTTPS – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

XSI over HTTPS – Xtended Service Interface

XMPP – Extensible Messaging Presence Protocol

NTP – Network Time Protocol

SIP ALG – SIP is Session Initiation Protocol ALG is a general term for an Application Layer Gateway

ZTP – Zero Touch Provisioning

DSCP label for Voice – IP Differentiated Service Code Point

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