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Managed Voice

Access4’s voice over IP network

Our network has been built with business continuity in mind. Voice equipment is hosted in geographically diverse locations to ensure your business communications will continue even if one location goes completely offline.

Each and every BroadSoft server has at least one back up unit at a different location. Specially designed sophisticated algorithms monitor each server’s ability to process Access4 product features and automatically switch over to the other servers in a couple of seconds in case of failure.

Access4 only uses carrier-grade Session Border Controllers (SBCs) to interconnect with voice carriers.

Deployed in geographically redundant pairs, they provide a high level of resiliency for carrier interconnections. Each carrier point of interconnect is constantly monitored by the SBCs and automatically pulled out of the carrier pool in case of failure.

Our phone systems deliver the power of internet telephony on your terms; that’s what makes us one of Australia’s leading VoIP providers.

Access4’s Managed Voice is more than a standard VoIP phone system; it’s a cloud-based IP telephony solution. One of the biggest advantages of cloud voice solutions is that calls are processed outside of the customer’s premises improving business continuity. If there is a power outage in the office, calls will be processed as usual and will be delivered to your mobile phone or can easily be re-routed to another location.

Customers have the flexibility to choose from two types of call plans with our VoIP phone service.

Cloud Managed End

Option one, Cloud Managed End, is the simplest service, featuring a Pay Per User Per Month plan. This plan includes various options for call inclusions, and removes the limitation of buying traditional channels and managing contention ratios.


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Cloud Managed SIP

The second VOIP service option for larger customers and contact centres is Cloud Managed SIP. With options for call inclusions, Cloud Managed SIP is a Hosted SIP service from Access4’s platform. The customer decides how many SIP lines they need and manage the contention themselves.

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