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Cloud ISDN

Cloud ISDN means you don’t need to change over your PBX in a hurry.

If you are like most small businesses, you’ve probably still got a PBX with an ISDN connection. It was a significant investment and it works fine, so why change?

  • The rollout of NBN™ will see the disconnection of traditional ISDN services. Telstra has already stopped selling, so if you need more lines you can’t order them.
  • Reduce your telephony costs right now including capped call plans.
  • Keep your current phone system without needing to make any changes to it.
  • You can run a Cloud PBX or UC alongside your existing PBX and migrate to cloud telephony at a time that suits you.
  • Trial a no-risk Cloud PBX deployment with 30 days cancellation terms on installation.

Do you have a (better) plan (B)

  • Reduce costs
  • Better collaboration internally
  • Improve work flexibility
  • Have options to switch from one device to another
  • Create collaboration spaces with video and document sharing.

Australian carriers will be phasing out ISDN 2 and ISDN 10/20/30 services over the next five years, with disconnections commencing in June 2019.

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  • Access4 will install an Internet-based ISDN service, an onsite device and monitor your Internet connection quality.
  • The Access4 service can use the onsite device to pass through calls to your existing ISDN service to ensure you don’t have call quality or drop out issues.
  • If the Internet link is not capable of supporting voice, you can cancel the service within 30 days with no cancellation fee.

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  • What is happening with PBX/ISDN that means I need to consider Cloud ISDN now?

    Australian carriers will be phasing out ISDN 2 and ISDN 10/20/30 services over the next five years, with disconnections commencing in June 2019.
  • I want to discuss my current PBX/ISDN, who should I contact and how?

    You can get in touch with us (1300518063 or sign-up on this page to see options) and we’ll help you find a partner. Access4's range of UCaaS services is available through partners on month-to-month plans with no contracts to sign and no setup fees. Our partners also offer the option of an annual subscription, which will be available for customers at a discounted rate. The annual subscription fee also applies to call packs providing greater value to customers.
  • What happens if my internet doesn't support good voice quality?

    As with many things, call quality can be subjective. Access4's approach is to closely monitor voice quality across its Unified Communications platform for Cloud PBX and Hosted Contact Centre users. For Access4 partners, access to the same call quality data is available for their customers. This real-time information helps in making sure any potential problems are proactively identified.
  • How do my numbers get ported over and will I lose calls?

    Calls will not be lost as a service provider simply installs the Cloud ISDN over your existing internet connection and completes a series of tests to ensure that the network performance on the link is sufficient for quality voice calls. Incoming calls will continue to come from your existing ISDN so that no diversions are required before porting. You can then choose to deploy cloud PBX from one user to all users when it suits your business requirements. If the network cannot support Cloud ISDN, you can just cancel the service.
  • How do you know who is the best provider for me?

    Access4 has a broad range of partners across multiple geographic locations and specialities. We have built solid relationships with them and their customer base - through knowing their needs and possible challenges. We help our partners to solve day-to-day communication requirements of their customers, helping them to transition seamlessly to UCaaS and improve collaboration at the same time.
  • Do I need IT support for this transition?

    No. We've built SASBOSS™ - a provisioning tool that streamlines customer installations with automated provisioning of UCaaS packs and IP handsets.
  • What is Unified Communications and why do I need it?

    Unified Communications technology took the traditional 'landline' as we know it and merged it into the digital landscape. The phone of today is not a detached landline anymore; it is an active collaboration tool connected to your computer, tablet and mobile phone, gaining sophistication and new functionalities.

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