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4 May, 2018

Customer first through passion and processes Innovate, Empower, Partner

According to the Customer Service Institute of Australia, passion and processes are crucial drivers of service excellence represented differently depending on the business type. To manage these two modules successfully, CSIA says companies will need to have them aligned. Access4 is a partner-focused organisation, so our value ‘customers first’ is the key one around which we organise everything we do, how we choose our priorities and even defined our other values to reflect the main one.

While customer focus can be cliché and easy to ‘talk about’, Access4 aligns processes to make customer’s experience a key metric not only for the business but all our staff and our partners. Net Promoter score is our measurement of customer experience as it is our ‘moment of truth’. We manage this through a bi-annual survey to our partners, and to the end customers.

Access4 partners and customer experience

To deliver this customer focus to the end users, our partners also need to demonstrate the same trait in their business. The successful implementation of our products with the end user means not only a good business outcome for our partner but success for us as well. When selecting partners to provide Access4 products to the market, customer experience is a key factor and a material element in all Access4 partner agreements. This is our guarantee that will make Access4 services synonymous with a great customer experience consistently regardless of the partner the end user chooses.

Access4 end users and customer experience

Our solutions are at the forefront of business collaboration delivered by cloud technology, and we know we must work on educating the market.

As a partner-driven business, we invest in market development and lead generation to help our partners succeed. Each partner has their individual goals, set of matching services and products and they will communicate them differently towards the market. We’ll tailor our support accordingly.

The end user is never out of our focus and probably the essence of our passion without us even noticing sometimes – we want to know what they need, how they communicate, we are curious about their industries and their specifics. The more we know and learn the better our partner support will be.

We want to contribute to this wave of improving how people work and live. If we participate in this motion of educating the leaders towards the flexible working mindset, by communicating our product to the market, we believe that the positive energy will spread through organisations. Speaking about that, we just revealed our next favourite value.



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