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Unified Porting Redirection Service

29 November, 2018

Move your customer’s services with no diversion costs during the porting process

The Unified Porting Redirection (UPR) Service is designed to enable the migration of services to Access4’s environment prior to the porting process being completed and removes the complication with legacy porting workarounds. The service provides a single point for redirection of existing Geo Numbers within Australia.

The process effectively strips out the diversion process and delivers the call as if the number was hosted on the Access4 platform. The service doesn’t require any customised settings in SASBOSS nor any temporary numbers or licences.

How it Works

For every call, Access4 receives to the numbers in the Unified Redirection Number matrix, the diversion header which has ‘original called’ number (the number that has redirected the call) is examined against the provisioned numbers in our platform and delivered to the corresponding service.

This process effectively strips out the diversion process and delivers the call as if the number was hosted on the Access4 platform.


1) Initiate port to Access4 as per the standard process.

2) Wait for PNV request to be confirmed and verified, at this point numbers will be added to the DID inventory and be available for allocation.

3) Configure SASBOSS services with correct number allocation.

4) Configure diversion of client numbers as follows:

a) Preference is to arrange Exchange Based Diversion (EBD).

b) Alternatively, if EBD is unavailable, numbers can be diverted from a managed end or PBX as long as the ‘original called’ number is preserved in the redirection signalling.

c) All numbers can be diverted on a ‘many to one’ basis to one of the following region based numbers in the attached matrix.

5. Once the service and diversions are in place, it is the partner’s responsibility to test the redirection is working correctly.

6. In the event calls aren’t terminating to the correct service, please check the SASBOSS service configuration and ensure the ‘original called’ number is present in the signalling prior to lodging a ticket with Access4’s TAC.

7. Once porting is completed and the diversion ceases, no changes need to be made to the SASBOSS services.

Benefits of the UPR service

  • No call costs for diversions during porting
  • Customers can move without waiting for porting to take place
  • Porting happens seamlessly in the background without any partner intervention
  • Prior to implementation, the customers own numbers are assigned to services removing the need to assign/remove dummy numbers during migration
  • Customer will dial out using their advertised numbers
  • The customer can redirect all their numbers to one centralised number allowing for exchange-based diversions. This means that customers can ‘turn off’ the services with the previous carrier.
  • Helpful for customers who have 1 or 1000 numbers.

Design + code by Jalapeno Creative.

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